What is the ideal return window for ecommerce.



In the world of ecommerce, return policies play a crucial role in customer satisfaction and loyalty. Offering a generous return policy can attract customers and build trust, but is a 90-day return window too long? Let’s explore the ideal return window for ecommerce and how Try with Mirra’s free home try-on service fits into this equation.

The Importance of a Flexible Return Policy

A flexible return policy is a key factor for many consumers when deciding where to shop online. It provides peace of mind, especially when purchasing items like clothing or eyewear where fit and style can be subjective. A longer return window allows customers to try out items in their own time and return them if they’re not satisfied.

The Downsides of a 90-Day Return Policy

While a 90-day return policy may seem generous, it can have some drawbacks for retailers. Firstly, it extends the period of uncertainty for the retailer, as they are unable to predict when returned items will be received and processed. This can impact inventory management and cash flow. Additionally, a longer return window can lead to an increase in returns, as customers may be more inclined to return items they are unsure about, leading to higher costs for the retailer.

The Perfect Time Frame for a Return Window

So, what is the perfect return window for ecommerce? While there is no one-size-fits-all answer, many retailers find that a 30-45 day return window strikes the right balance between customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. This timeframe gives customers an ample amount of time to try out their purchases and return them if necessary, without unnecessarily extending the return process for the retailer.

Try with Mirra’s Free Home Try-On Service

Try with Mirra’s free home try-on service offers customers the opportunity to try out items at home before making a purchase. With an average of 4 days to try items at home, customers have plenty of time to decide if the items are right for them. This service not only reduces the need for returns but also enhances the overall shopping experience by providing a convenient and risk-free way to shop online.

How Try with Mirra’s Service Fits into the Return Policy

Customers using Try with Mirra’s service initiate the return of any unwanted items through a Customer Portal before the end of the set trial period, which the brand determines. This streamlined process ensures that customers can easily return items they are not satisfied with, without any hassle. Customers must post items within 5 business days after completing the order, ensuring a quick turnaround for returns.


In conclusion, while a 90-day return policy may be too generous for some retailers, offering a flexible return policy is essential for customer satisfaction. By finding the perfect time frame for a return window and incorporating services like Try with Mirra’s free home try-on service, retailers can provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for their customers while minimizing the impact of returns on their business.