Experience the convenience and flexibility of our app's intuitive interface, designed to streamline everything from start to finish.

A Free Home Try-On Service
Made Easy

Have full control of the products eligible for Try With Mirra. Customize your selection by choosing specific items or entire ranges.

Manage Try Products

Manage Customer Access

You set the minimum and maximum items required for a valid Try With Mirra order, as well as the number of days customers have to try the items, starting from the delivery date.

Set Try Duration & Try Item Limit

Enable this setting to allow only specified customers to see and use Try With Mirra. 

Try Before you Buy Products & Collections

Try Item

Try Collection

VIP Access

Two options for the text on the Try button. 'Try Before You Buy' or 'Free Home Try-on'. This can be configured in the app settings on the product page set up.

Manage the Look & Feel

Two options of Try button 

Enhance your branding by customizing font and both the primary and secondary colors of the 'Try Before You Buy' button to seamlessly match your website aesthetic.

Try button colour & font

Guarantee product care during trials and returns by including custom care instructions in every order delivery email.

Customer Communication

Manage Customer Care Instructions

Maximise every sale by offering exclusive incentives to purchase more through our portal.

Manage Discount Rules

Automate tasks & processes with an easy return management system. We make it easy for your customers to process a return and we make it easier for you to handle returns requests. 

System Synergy

Easy Returns Management System

Our secure payment systems safeguards every transactions. Card details and amounts are held securely as security to cover orders, with anti-fraud systems in place for further protection.

Secure Payment Processing

Empower customers with a dedicated portal for seamless order management. Shopify orders automatically update with customer selections, and integration with OMS ensures seamless updates.

Dedicated Customer Portal for Order Management

Get a daily snapshot of Try With Mirra's impact on your sales. Our dashboard provides key metrics for a comprehensive overview of your success.


Analytics Dashboard

Use our library of marketing materials and templates to enhance your marketing strategy effortlessly. Access guides, ad creatives, website and email templates, and more, all tailored to optimize your marketing efforts.

Marketing Materials and Content

Gain peace of mind with 24/7 customer support, ready to assist you with any app or general queries. Our specialized support team is dedicated to providing you with the help you need, whenever you need it.

24/7 Customer Support

Experience a streamlined onboarding process that takes around 10 minutes. Rest assured, our dedicated team is always available to assist you with the onboarding process should you need any help.

Onboarding  Assistance

When customers are happier, revenue goes up




Increase in Sitewide Conversions

Increase in AOV After Returns

Increase in Return on Ad Spend