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A Home Try-On Service Made Easy

Have full control of the products eligible for Try With Mirra. Customize your selection by choosing specific items or entire ranges.

Try Products


Core features

Try Before you Buy Products & Collections

You set the minimum and maximum items required for a valid Try With Mirra order, as well as the number of days customers have to try the items, starting from the delivery date.

Set Duration & Try Item Limit

Have full control of the products eligible for Try With Mirra and the customers who can view the try option. Customize your selection by choosing specific items or entire ranges.

Manage Customer Access

Try Items

Try Time

VIP Access


Manage the Look & Feel

core features

Two options for the text on the Try button. 'Try Before You Buy' or 'Free Home Try-on'. This can be configured in the app settings on the product page set up.

Two options of Try button 

Align to your branding by customizing font and both the primary and secondary colors of the 'Try Before You Buy' button to seamlessly match your website aesthetic.

Try button colour & font

Customer Care


core features

Guarantee product care during trials and returns by including custom care instructions in every order delivery email.

Manage Customer Care Instructions

Maximise every sale by offering exclusive incentives to purchase more through our portal.

Manage Discount Rules



core features

Empower customers with a dedicated portal for seamless order management. Shopify orders automatically update with customer selections, and integration with OMS ensures seamless updates.

Dedicated Customer Portal for easy Order Management

Automate tasks & processes with an easy return management system. We make it easy for your customers to process a return and we make it easier for you to handle returns requests. 

Easy Returns Management System

Our secure payment systems safeguards every transactions. Card details and amounts are held securely as security to cover orders, with anti-fraud systems in place for further protection.

Secure Payment Processing

Onboarding Assistance


Experience a streamlined onboarding process that takes around 10 minutes. Rest assured, our dedicated team is always available to assist you with the onboarding process should you need any help.

Analytics Dashboard

Get a daily snapshot of Try With Mirra's impact on your sales. Our dashboard provides key metrics for a comprehensive overview of your success.

Marketing Materials and Content

Use our library of marketing materials and templates to enhance your marketing strategy effortlessly. Access guides, ad creatives, website and email templates, and more, all tailored to optimize your marketing efforts.

24/7 Customer Support

Gain peace of mind with 24/7 customer support, ready to assist you with any app or general queries. Our specialized support team is dedicated to providing you with the help you need, whenever you need it.

Seamless Integration 

24/7 Customer Support

Onboarding Support and Assistance

Access to Marketing Materials and Content

Analytics Dashboard

Regular Updates and Feature Enhancements

Secure Payment Processing

Easy Returns Management System

Marketing Partner Opportunities

Dedicated Customer Portal for Order Management

Advanced Automations for Efficient Workflow

Continuous Feedback Loop for Product Improvement

Seamless integrations that work for you 

All Plans Include 




The app speaks for itself, an incredible tool for any eCommerce Business. The team at Try With Mirra have been nothing short of pro-active and attentive through the whole on-boarding process. They are wonderful to deal with, and have navigated any issues with ease. We are already seeing positive results whilst using the app. Feels native to our website so customs organically utilise.

MERCHANTS OF THE SUN - merchantsofthesun.com.au 

An incredible tool for any
eCommerce Business

Nothing short of impeccable. We've worked with the Try with Mirra team for several months now and can attest to not only the support but the results. Given the difficulty inherent to the eyewear niche from an online standpoint, Try with Mirra addresses a key pain point for our customers and does so with a frictionless platform. Onboarding is a breeze, UI is incredibly simple for our team and for our customers. Most importantly however, the platform works. Our order frequency and AOV have seen a direct improvement after utilising the service. Would highly recommend

VIEUX - vieuxeyewear.com 

Nothing short of impeccable!

Try With Mirra has been amazing. The team are extremely helpful and friendly and made the whole set up process super easy! They have been really fast at replying to any questions I have and happy to help me in any way they can! The feature is amazing, we have had really strong positive feedback from our customers and our AOV and conversion rates are increasing since the install just a few weeks ago. It really is a must have for all ecom brands in the fashion industry and I can see it becoming a “norm” in the future, putting it right up there with AfterPay.

Shade Eyewear - shadeeyewear.com.au

The features are amazing!

I've been using Try with Mirra for a few months and it is just fabulous! I had been looking for an app that allows customer try-on with a vaulted card but with previous apps always came across issues with store integration, functionality and customer notifications/messaging. This app has absolutely none of those issues! It works seamlessly with my store and I have never had any tech issues. The customers love the service and find the process very simple to use. I higly recommend the Try with Mirra app if you are looking at try-before-you-buy service. Apart from the great tech, the support team are very responsive and more than happy to help in any way they can. 

Life Less Common - lifelesscommon.com

It's just fabulous!

Our use of the Try with Mirra Try Before You Buy app for our business has been nothing short of exceptional. It has redefined the way we sell our sunglasses online. I am genuinely impressed with the convenience and support that this app and its developers offer, making it an absolute must-have for any fashion-forward businesses seeking to provide a confident shopping experience for their customers.

Childe Eyewear - childe.co

Redefined the way we sell!

The whole process with onboarding to customer experience with Try with Mirra has been incredible. The level of support provided not only to my brand but also customers is so impressive. The Try with Mirra service has been a game changer for my eyewear brand as trying on sunglasses is such a vital component of deciding on a purchase.

Reecy - reecy.com.au

It's been a game changer!