CEO & Co-founder


My role involves a bit of everything, but mostly supporting the team and driving efficiencies to support our growth.

As much as I love getting stuck into data analysis, I'm most passionate about working with customers so we can provide the best possible service and experience.

Outside of work, I love being outdoors, taking walks on the beach, and exploring areas around the Gold Coast.

CTo & co-founder

I channel my engineering skills to help achieve our goal of building the best online try-before-you-buy experience.

Committed to perpetual learning, I continuously explore innovative technologies and new ways of problem solving.

Outside of the office, I'm passionate about game development, exploring nature on the mountain bike, and spending quality time with my cat, Samson.

My role is focused around our customers and ensuring Try with Mirra is delivering maximum value to support ecommerce growth.

Aside from this my time is spent prioritising and accelerating the most impactful initiatives to drive our business forward.
I love collaborating with the team on difficult problems and finding ways to
solve them.

Outside of work I love surfing, golf, art,  snowboarding, running, getting out in nature and spending time with family.

Pete Ceredig-Evans

Shannon Rees

Michael Burnett

branding & creative

Digital Marketing

I specialize in all aspects of digital marketing, with a focus on lead generation, email funnels, and paid
media campaigns.

When I'm not crafting marketing strategies, you can find me out in nature, embracing the thrill of extreme sports.

sales & partnerships

Most of my day is spent reaching out to potential brand partners and sharing with people how Try with Mirra can benefit their business.

I absolutely love getting to know all the intricacies of each brand and what their inspirations, values and goals are. It’s so varied and really inspiring.

Outside of work, I spend a lot of time at the beach. I enjoy cooking and my creative outlet is learning new crafts.

My role encompasses all things visual and creative, driven by a passion for branding and crafting a cohesive and strong visual presence.

I have a deep appreciation for aesthetics & visual storytelling in all its forms including design, fashion, film and interiors. 

When I'm not creating digital content, you can find me cooking, spending time with my tiny Chihuahua Ellie, or exploring the stunning beaches along the coast.

Liv Smith

Sean Manwarring

Nadia Barbar


Senior Software Engineer

I'm a Senior Software Engineer with a keen focus on product development, dedicated to ensuring a silky smooth experience for both customers and brands.

I believe in using the product to understand its strengths and pain points.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my beautiful family, exploring the picturesque northern rivers.

full-stack developer

I'm a Full-stack developer at Try with Mirra. I type funny words on a computer that makes things happen on the screen.

I've been here since almost the very beginning, and every day I find myself having fun with what I do.

Outside of work you'll find me playing video games, writing more code or practicing the drums.

I am responsible for sales and growth predominantly in the US and UK.

I have been in sales forever, but what excites me about Try with Mirra is the innovation and heading the way in this game changing new way to shop online.

When I am not driving kids to sporting events I love to cook, read, hike and anything ocean related.

Claire Sims

Tom Scerri

Tom Broadwood