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Reecy Eyewear

The whole process with onboarding to customer experience with Try with Mirra has been incredible. The level of support provided not only to my brand but also customers is so impressive. The Try with Mirra service has been a game changer for my eyewear brand as trying on sunglasses is such a vital component of deciding on a purchase.

Childe Eyewear

Our use of the Try with Mirra Try Before You Buy app for our business has been nothing short of exceptional. It has redefined the way we sell our sunglasses online. I am genuinely impressed with the convenience and support that this app and its developers offer, making it an absolute must-have for any fashion-forward businesses seeking to provide a confident shopping experience for their customers.

Shade Eyewear

Try With Mirra has been amazing. The team are extremely helpful and friendly and made the whole set up process super easy! They have been really fast at replying to any questions I have and happy to help me in any way they can!
The feature is amazing, we have had really strong positive feedback from our customers and our OAV and conversion rates are increasing since the install just a few weeks ago. It really is a must have for all ecom brands in the fashion industry and I can see it becoming a “norm” in the future, putting it right up there with AfterPay.

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