The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Sales with Try Before You Buy for Eyewear



In the competitive realm of online eyewear retail, standing out isn’t just about showcasing a variety of styles—it’s about offering an unmatched shopping experience. Try With Mirra embodies this ethos, providing a seamless ‘Try Before You Buy’ service that can significantly uplift your sales and customer satisfaction. Dive into the benefits of Try With Mirra and explore strategies to harness its full potential for your eyewear business.

Understanding the Hesitation:

Online eyewear shopping poses a unique challenge to customers: the inability to try on frames before making a purchase. This often leads to hesitation and abandoned carts, as customers are unsure if the styles they admire will suit them in reality.

The Try With Mirra Advantage:

Try With Mirra tackles this challenge head-on by allowing customers to select frames from your website and try them at home before finalizing their purchase. This service removes the guesswork from online shopping and gives customers the confidence to buy.

Benefits of Try With Mirra for Eyewear Retailers:

  1. Increased Conversion Rates: By reducing the risk for customers, Try With Mirra encourages them to add more items to their cart, thus increasing the likelihood of a sale.
  2. Higher Average Order Value (AOV): Customers are more likely to keep items when they can try them out first, leading to a higher AOV.
  3. Reduced Return Rates: When customers have the chance to try before they buy, they make more informed decisions, leading to fewer returns.
  4. Customer Loyalty: Offering a Try With Mirra option enhances the customer experience, which builds trust and fosters loyalty.

Strategies for Maximizing Sales with Try With Mirra:

  1. Strategic Selection: Encourage customers to select multiple styles to try at home. The more options they have, the better their chances of finding a pair they love.
  2. Social Proof: Use customer testimonials and user-generated content to show the success of the Try With Mirra service. When potential customers see others having a positive experience, they are more likely to use the service themselves.
  3. Marketing Campaigns: Create targeted campaigns that highlight the Try With Mirra service. Use your customer demographics data to reach the right audience with personalized messaging.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Ensure that the Try With Mirra option is easy to find and use on your website. A smooth user experience is critical for driving conversions.
  5. Feedback Loop: Use customer feedback to refine the Try With Mirra experience. This not only improves the service but also shows customers that you value their input.
  6. Incentivize Larger Baskets: Offer promotions or discounts when customers opt for Try With Mirra with more than one pair of eyewear.

‘Try With Mirra’ is more than an app—it’s a strategic partner in the quest to redefine the eyewear shopping experience. By adopting Try With Mirra, you’re not just selling glasses; you’re offering confidence, assurance, and a level of service that customers will return to time and again.

Ready to see the difference Try With Mirra can make for your eyewear business? Visit our website to learn more, book a demo, or download the app directly from the Shopify store to start your journey towards higher sales and happier customers!