Unpacking the Endowment Effect: How ‘Try Before You Buy’ Wins Over Shoppers



The Try Before You Buy trend is more than just a customer-friendly policy—it’s a way to apply behavioral economics to e-commerce. At the heart of its success is the endowment effect, a psychological phenomenon that can transform hesitant shoppers into confident buyers. This blog explores the power of the endowment effect in the Try Before You Buy model and how it influences shopping behavior.

Understanding the Endowment Effect:

The endowment effect occurs when ownership increases the value of an item. In simpler terms, once people hold a product in their hands, they are more likely to value it higher than before they owned it. When applied to retail, the moment customers try on a piece of clothing or accessory, it becomes “theirs” in their minds, making them more inclined to purchase.

Try Before You Buy – A Practical Application of Psychology:

Try Before You Buy leverages the endowment effect by allowing customers to experience a sense of ownership before making a financial commitment. When customers try products at home, away from the pressure of sales floors and fitting rooms, they form a bond with the items, which can significantly sway their purchasing decisions.

The Value of First-hand Experience:

The tactile experience of trying on fashion items enhances the perceived value and utility of the product. It allows customers to visualize themselves using the item in their daily lives, which is a compelling motivator for purchase.

Reducing Cognitive Dissonance:

By providing a trial period, Try Before You Buy helps reduce post-purchase dissonance. Shoppers can make decisions in their own space and time, ensuring they are confident and satisfied with their choices, which leads to fewer returns and exchanges.

Building Trust and Commitment:

Try Before You Buy models demonstrate a brand’s confidence in their product quality, thus fostering trust. This trust translates into emotional commitment from customers, as the risk of buyer’s remorse is minimized.

The endowment effect is a powerful ally in the world of online retail. ‘Try Before You Buy’ doesn’t just offer a risk-free shopping experience; it taps into deep-seated psychological biases that can drive sales and create lasting customer relationships.

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